5 Simple Steps For Your Hair Regimen


The most frequently asked question is ‘how do you maintain your natural hair?’

The answer lies in your regimen! Most people find this to be very confusing and hard. But it can be simple and very basic.

“A hair regimen is a plan or routine that you do with your hair to get a certain result. This routine can be done daily, weekly or fortnightly.”

The 5 Simple steps include:

  • Fortnightly Hair Oil Treatment: This step helps your hair to get back its much-needed oil that has been stripped off by humidity or using products that contain drying ingredients. To oil treat your hair use a pure oil such as Jojoba oil, argan oil, castor oil or coconut oil. I recommend having oil in your hair for a minimum of 30 minuets covered with a plastic shower cup. That way the oil will have enough time to penetrate the hair follicles.


  • Monthly Shampoo: When it comes to this step every person is different. Most people shampoo daily, weekly, or monthly. I prefer to use shampoo every fortnight after my oil treatment, every other time when I go to wash my hair, I use conditioner (Co-Wash) in place of shampoo.


  • Weekly Conditioner: This is my ‘go to’ when my hair needs a wash, such times are when I have had a gym session and have to wash the sweat out or when I need to add moisture to my hair before styling.


  • Fortnightly Deep Conditioning: Deep conditioning is a very important step because it adds nourishment deep into your follicles. I often alternate by using a protein conditioner and then an ordinary conditioner the next time. Protein conditioners can be store bought or DIY using egg, avocado, Greek yoghurt etc food that contain protein.


  • Daily Loc Method: This is a method of sealing in moisture into your hair using a liquid (spritz), oil and cream (Whipped butter). This is usually done when styling your hair.


I find that doing the above steps consistently helps with overall hair health and maintenance.

One of the services offered at Natural Products by Theresa is a one on one consultation, this is where we go through a regimen that is suitable to your hair type and lifestyle. Contact us to book one.

I hope you enjoyed my 5 simple steps….



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